What’s in a Name?

“What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet”. – Juliet  Act II, Scene II Romeo and Juliet Names: they seem to be significant, defining parts of every person’s identity. Someone without a name is seen to be forsaken, without a family, either really new (a baby) or really outdatedContinue reading “What’s in a Name?”

Digital Detox

 Perhaps I have broken the bonds of a digital prison I was in…yet, I cannot wait to pick my phone up in a week’s time, refasten the chains and bar myself from the rest of society. In our world of technological advancement and digital devices, the thought of being without one’s phone or Internet connectionContinue reading “Digital Detox”

Holy Minute Momentary Mind Insights! Batman

Today, it’s getting batty…and catty. It’s the sixth edition of Minute Momentary Mind Insights and as per usual, I am exploring some philosophical notions in pop culture: this time, that contained within Tim Burton’s gothic Batman Returns. The specific quote is derived from Danni DeVito’s incarnation of the Penguin: “You’re just jealous cause I’m aContinue reading “Holy Minute Momentary Mind Insights! Batman”

V for Vindication

“What was done to me was monstrous…And they created a monster” -V I think its safe to say I’m going through a dystopia phase. I recently discussed 1984 in minute momentary mind insights , have a post on the Handmaid’s Tale in the works and recently just re-watched the Matrix…for the tenth time. Perhaps, myContinue reading “V for Vindication”

The Self-Consumed Society

All these questions have my philosophical mind posing another one…will this digital demand become a digital dystopia? In a world where selfies and social media is prevailing against typical face-to-face interaction, society faces a previously unexperienced challenge. A challenge against a fundamental …yet feral aspect of our humanity that is being unleashed and unlocked withContinue reading “The Self-Consumed Society”

Minute Momentary Mind Insights! #5 Philosophies of 1984

Recently, I read Orwell’s 1948 classic dystopian novel, ‘1984’. For those of you with philosophical interest, you will know him as one of the great, grand thinkers of the 20th century. Whilst I’ve explored philosophies regarding pop culture of late, I thought it’d be a nice change of ‘pace’ to return to some more classical -asContinue reading “Minute Momentary Mind Insights! #5 Philosophies of 1984”