Who Needs Men Anyway? Themyscira: The Women’s World

Symbolic of female’s empowerment…and consequently man’s invalidity, the Amazons manage just fine without men. Themyscira…sounds feminine, right? A self-sufficient society on a paradise island, the all women race of Amazons in ‘Wonder Woman’ survive and flourish without men. As one interested in Greek-mythology -where Princess Diana derives from (named after the Roman/Greek moon goddess)- the islandContinue reading “Who Needs Men Anyway? Themyscira: The Women’s World”

Wondrous Philosophy

So without delay, I bring you some philosophical, ‘deep Diana detections’ from the latest box-office (and villain) smashing, ‘Wonder Woman’. Symbolism of the Iconic Outfit   I only learnt this a while ago, when reading (up far too late again as usual) a Wonder Woman origin comic. It turns out, the silver gauntlets used toContinue reading “Wondrous Philosophy”