Caped COVID-19 Crusaders: Superhero Traits to Emulate During the Pandemic

With strict codes, keen sensitivity to their responsibility and often a tolerance to societal alienation, there are actually many characteristics from these fictional beings that we can and should emulate during the pandemic. Here’s some things we should do as demonstrated by the caped ‘COVID-19’ crusaders.

5 Things Superheroes can teach us about Living our Lives

What have I learnt from loving these fictional role models? I’m glad you asked.

Superhero Standards: Unrealistic Role Models or Inspirers of Morality?

If we are to examine the worth of superheroes as models for our moral, behavioural physical behaviours, we need to understand that over time- as society’s expectations have grown even more impossible with technological advancements, photoshop and social media- so too have the unattainable, unrealistic nature of our superheroes. A childhood of flying men andContinue reading “Superhero Standards: Unrealistic Role Models or Inspirers of Morality?”

✍Philosophy in The Flash⚡️ S2 Earth 2

Earth 1 meet Earth 2. The philosophies here implicate that with a difference in setting, the people whom one surrounds themselves with and a variation in cosmic causation, the very definition of who we are, can be redefined. The idea of the multiverse ruptured by Barry’s singularity (introduced in Season 2’s second episode), is anContinue reading “✍Philosophy in The Flash⚡️ S2 Earth 2”

Who Needs Men Anyway? Themyscira: The Women’s World

Symbolic of female’s empowerment…and consequently man’s invalidity, the Amazons manage just fine without men. Themyscira…sounds feminine, right? A self-sufficient society on a paradise island, the all women race of Amazons in ‘Wonder Woman’ survive and flourish without men. As one interested in Greek-mythology -where Princess Diana derives from (named after the Roman/Greek moon goddess)- the islandContinue reading “Who Needs Men Anyway? Themyscira: The Women’s World”

Philosophical Wonder Woman Writings

First of all, an apology for the title…I have come to notice my recent posts have a little too much alliteration. As an *English enthusiast* however, I must confess this occurrence will not seize. The fictional princess Diana has recently made her latest filmic appearance in a particularly likeable adaptation of the comic character. IContinue reading “Philosophical Wonder Woman Writings”