The Competitive Drive: Philosophy in ‘Suits’

The high-stakes law TV series, ‘Suits’ first hit small screens in 2011 and since then, has gained quite the following. The show has a lot of insights into many different topics but it perhaps holds the most intriguing thoughts when it comes to philosophy. One key question raised being: how can a competitive drive both motivate and mangle us? Today, we will look into the philosophy of ‘Suits’.

The Scary Reason you Shouldn’t get too Deep into Philosophy

On Applebelleblog, I examine philosophies in a brief, fun and trivial way; arguably, it isn’t even really hardcore philosophy at all and is more-so ‘food for thought’. But what can happen when you get too invested in philosophy is a horrifying notion. In this article, we will explore the scary reason you shouldn’t get too deep into philosophy.