The *Fourth* Edition Minute Momentary Mind Insights!

Or should I say may the *Force* edition of minute momentary mind insights be with you? Today, I bring forth my force-inspired fourth instalment of my short, sweet philosophy blog spot. A green, goblin-like Jedi Master, Yoda has more than enough wisdom to impart upon us and so, without further ado, here I give youContinue reading “The *Fourth* Edition Minute Momentary Mind Insights!”

Minute Momentary Mind Insights!

I’ve decided to create a snapshot, short philosophy blog post series entitled: ‘Minute Momentary Mind Insights!’ Today’s snapshot into the musings of my mind…The Flash and philosophies of pain. Barry grants us a valuable insight into how pain shapes the person he is and its’ vitality to his identity as the superhuman speedster, the Flash.