Minute Momentary Mind Insights! #5 Philosophies of 1984

Recently, I read Orwell’s 1948 classic dystopian novel, ‘1984’. For those of you with philosophical interest, you will know him as one of the great, grand thinkers of the 20th century. Whilst I’ve explored philosophies regarding pop culture of late, I thought it’d be a nice change of ‘pace’ to return to some more classical -asContinue reading “Minute Momentary Mind Insights! #5 Philosophies of 1984”

✍ AppleBelle Bi-Monthly Blog Bulletin

AppleBelle was my childhood nickname that I still carry with me. Love, knowledge, wisdom, temptation, joy, death, nature, rebirth, luxury: the apple is a symbol of life and all its’ mysteries. A call to awakening, a realisation: a bell heralds messages and pronounces. These meanings combined, AppleBelle is a symbol of an awakening and realisation of lifeContinue reading “✍ AppleBelle Bi-Monthly Blog Bulletin”

The *Fourth* Edition Minute Momentary Mind Insights!

Or should I say may the *Force* edition of minute momentary mind insights be with you? Today, I bring forth my force-inspired fourth instalment of my short, sweet philosophy blog spot. A green, goblin-like Jedi Master, Yoda has more than enough wisdom to impart upon us and so, without further ado, here I give youContinue reading “The *Fourth* Edition Minute Momentary Mind Insights!”

Coin Conspiracy Commentary

As I grew, the flaws and faults in my beloved faith system found themselves flashing in my face with obvious absurdity. Assumably, like most people, I grew up born into a religion that I believed with unwavering acceptance, faith and belief; never questioning the teachings or rituals of a church I had never judged forContinue reading “Coin Conspiracy Commentary”

Minute Momentary Mind Insights!

My last two posts entitled minute momentary mind insights, have explored edible bite-size philosophies within popular excerpts of pop culture. Minute Momentary Mind Insights! explored the philosophies of pain as offered by Barry Allen ‘The Flash’ from the CW’s hit comic crazed show, The Flash. Just the other day, I provided The Second Instalment of…Minute Momentary Mind Insights! wherein HeathContinue reading “Minute Momentary Mind Insights!”

The Second Instalment of…Minute Momentary Mind Insights!

And…here… we… go! Today’s second minute momentary mind insights is derived from (what in my nerdy opinion) is the greatest filmic characterisation of the Clown Prince of Crime: Heath Ledger’s Joker. Like most genius mega-minded maniacs, the Joker spoke continuous words of wisdom amidst insane and comical remarks. Two of these, as above, hold muchContinue reading “The Second Instalment of…Minute Momentary Mind Insights!”

Music: More than Meets the Ear

Music is an art form that touches us on the most basic level of our humanity… Music. In technical terms, it is defined as ‘organised noise’ but it is so much more than that. There’s more than meets the ear, I suppose I could say. In the words of the philosopher Plato, “Music is a moral law.Continue reading “Music: More than Meets the Ear”

✍Being ‘One’ with the ‘Force’

Ever the Star Wars fan, I recently flocked to the cinemas for the latest Star Wars film, ‘Rogue One’. I know: nerdy, superhero obsessed me. But even if Star Wars is ‘not your thing’, please I beg you to read on: there is more than meets the eye…