✍Fate & Destiny⚡️

Philosophy in The Flash (SEASON 1) Post 4 Fate & Destiny “I don’t think that lightening struck you, Barry. I think it chose you”. In the final minutes of the Flash Pilot Episode, we see ‘The Arrow’ throw this philosophical line at Barry Allen. But what does it really mean? When Oliver says this, he is suggesting that Barry hasContinue reading “✍Fate & Destiny⚡️”

✍The Speed Force & Links to Time Travel⚡️

✍Philosophy in The Flash⚡️ (SEASON 1) Post 3 The Speed Force & Links to Time Travel The Speed Force connects within everything and everyone, and directs Barry as an extra-dimensional cosmic energy.  Though it’s a concept more-so explored in Season 2 of The Flash, the Speed Force and its’ links to time travel proves anContinue reading “✍The Speed Force & Links to Time Travel⚡️”

✍What’s In A Name? Today, a Trumpet Sounds🎺

Today, a trumpet sounds to the world: because today marks the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. No matter what stance you have on him, it’s certainly a day marking historic change for the Land of Liberty and perhaps, the world. So, in celebration of some changeContinue reading “✍What’s In A Name? Today, a Trumpet Sounds🎺”

✍Time Travel & Ethics⚡️

✍Philosophy in The Flash⚡️ (SEASON 1) Post 2 The Ethics & Implications of Time-Travel The philosophical concept of time-travel is particularly interesting and key to the Flash TV Series. When running at his fastest speed in Episode 15, S1 ‘Out Of Time’, Barry discovers that he has created a hole in the fabric of timeContinue reading “✍Time Travel & Ethics⚡️”

✍Philosophy in The Flash⚡️

Ever since I can remember, I have held a deep devotion towards the mighty fictional beings known as superheroes. They were my childhood role models; I have a mural of Wonder Woman on my wall to prove it. I would dress up as Robin, my brother: Batman and we would save the world. To show- even backContinue reading “✍Philosophy in The Flash⚡️”