The Scary Reason you Shouldn’t get too Deep into Philosophy

On Applebelleblog, I examine philosophies in a brief, fun and trivial way; arguably, it isn’t even really hardcore philosophy at all and is more-so ‘food for thought’. But what can happen when you get too invested in philosophy is a horrifying notion. In this article, we will explore the scary reason you shouldn’t get too deep into philosophy.

Holy Minute Momentary Mind Insights! Batman

Today, it’s getting batty…and catty. It’s the sixth edition of Minute Momentary Mind Insights and as per usual, I am exploring some philosophical notions in pop culture: this time, that contained within Tim Burton’s gothic Batman Returns. The specific quote is derived from Danni DeVito’s incarnation of the Penguin: “You’re just jealous cause I’m aContinue reading “Holy Minute Momentary Mind Insights! Batman”

✍ AppleBelle Bi-Monthly Blog Bulletin #2

AppleBelle was my childhood nickname that I still carry with me. Love, knowledge, wisdom, temptation, joy, death, nature, rebirth, luxury: the apple is a symbol of life and all its’ mysteries. A call to awakening, a realisation: a bell heralds messages and pronounces. These meanings combined, AppleBelle is a symbol of an awakening and realisation of lifeContinue reading “✍ AppleBelle Bi-Monthly Blog Bulletin #2”

✍Ethics of Superhero Justice, Power & Responsibility ⚡️

Through showing the Flash’s unequal advantage over society, the obvious idea that a meta-human cannot be detained or stopped by the ordinary person, and unethical abuses of power, The Flash, raises the philosophy that those in high positions of power (or with superpowers for that matter), have a responsibility to be ethical and take action for the ‘greater good’ over their individual needs…

✍What’s In A Name? Today, a Trumpet Sounds🎺

Today, a trumpet sounds to the world: because today marks the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. No matter what stance you have on him, it’s certainly a day marking historic change for the Land of Liberty and perhaps, the world. So, in celebration of some changeContinue reading “✍What’s In A Name? Today, a Trumpet Sounds🎺”