4 Flaws in CW’s the Flash

Flash fans, please don’t speed off because of this post’s title. I’ve always had a particular penchant for fictional super-beings who save the world. Despite their unrealistic nature, they enthral me: with their displays of power, moral struggles and internal conflicts against the forces of evil. So as a committed DC fan since birth, I speedilyContinue reading “4 Flaws in CW’s the Flash”

✍Philosophy in The Flash⚡️ S2 Earth 2

Earth 1 meet Earth 2. The philosophies here implicate that with a difference in setting, the people whom one surrounds themselves with and a variation in cosmic causation, the very definition of who we are, can be redefined. The idea of the multiverse ruptured by Barry’s singularity (introduced in Season 2’s second episode), is anContinue reading “✍Philosophy in The Flash⚡️ S2 Earth 2”

✍Philosophy in The Flash⚡️ Season 2

        Flash fans from far, from near, I have an announcement! I shall be continuing my endeavour to source philosophical notions from the CW’s hit TV show, The Flash. This time, I seek to investigate Season 2’s queries into identity, trust, double standards, the physical and moral consequences of time travel, the ethereal speedContinue reading “✍Philosophy in The Flash⚡️ Season 2”

Minute Momentary Mind Insights!

My last two posts entitled minute momentary mind insights, have explored edible bite-size philosophies within popular excerpts of pop culture. Minute Momentary Mind Insights! explored the philosophies of pain as offered by Barry Allen ‘The Flash’ from the CW’s hit comic crazed show, The Flash. Just the other day, I provided The Second Instalment of…Minute Momentary Mind Insights! wherein HeathContinue reading “Minute Momentary Mind Insights!”

Minute Momentary Mind Insights!

I’ve decided to create a snapshot, short philosophy blog post series entitled: ‘Minute Momentary Mind Insights!’ Today’s snapshot into the musings of my mind…The Flash and philosophies of pain. Barry grants us a valuable insight into how pain shapes the person he is and its’ vitality to his identity as the superhuman speedster, the Flash.

✍Wells, Wells, Wells…⚡️

It was made almost absurdly obvious.

From the very first episode of the Flash, there was something just not right about Dr. Harrison Wells. What was it that made our intuition flicker, that made us say, “Hmm, that guy’s shady”, from almost the instant we met him? How did we know something was up; even before the end of the first episode, where Wells wheel-chaired into a secret room, took off his glasses, stood up and read a newspaper from the future about the Flash?

The best question of all: how did we know and the characters themselves, not suspect anything? The saying here should be: ‘Trust, like love, is blind’…

✍Trust, Alliance & Lies: Is it Noble to Lie?⚡️

It’s time for an examination of some ‘Flash fibs!’

One of the most fascinating themes within all super-heroic shows, is the concept of lies, and alliances created to protect identities. Not only does this theme create irresistible drama and inevitable tangles between friends and foes alike, but it creates complexity to our superheroes…as well as some great grounds for dredging up philosophy.

✍Ethics of Superhero Justice, Power & Responsibility ⚡️

Through showing the Flash’s unequal advantage over society, the obvious idea that a meta-human cannot be detained or stopped by the ordinary person, and unethical abuses of power, The Flash, raises the philosophy that those in high positions of power (or with superpowers for that matter), have a responsibility to be ethical and take action for the ‘greater good’ over their individual needs…

✍The Reliance of the Hero & the Villain on One Another: ‘Binary Opposites’⚡️

The philosophy that heroes and villains rely on and create/develop each other is common throughout all superhero folklore. It appears that the villain always has a need for a hero to combat and the hero always needs a villain to motivate them: they give each other purpose. This is exactly the case with the Reverse Flash and the Flash…

✍Fate & Destiny⚡️

Philosophy in The Flash (SEASON 1) Post 4 Fate & Destiny “I don’t think that lightening struck you, Barry. I think it chose you”. In the final minutes of the Flash Pilot Episode, we see ‘The Arrow’ throw this philosophical line at Barry Allen. But what does it really mean? When Oliver says this, he is suggesting that Barry hasContinue reading “✍Fate & Destiny⚡️”