Caped COVID-19 Crusaders: Superhero Traits to Emulate During the Pandemic

Real superheroes wear masks; or so I say they do, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, superheroes can have a lot to say when it comes to our lives. With strict codes, keen sensitivity to their responsibility and often a tolerance to societal alienation, there are actually many characteristics from these fictional beings that we can and should emulate during the pandemic. Here’s some things we should do as demonstrated by the caped ‘COVID-19’ crusaders.

Be Responsible

Most superheroes have a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to their power…and so should we when it comes to the transmission of the coronavirus. We all have a responsibility to use our freedom for good and to be wise with our hygiene and social practices. So, take a leaf from the comic book and be responsible.

Wear a Mask in Public

Not all superheroes wear masks but those that do certainly shine a good light on the COVID-19 situation at the moment. We should all be wearing masks in crowded masses, on public transport and while out and about in public.

Tolerate Isolation

Isolation can be tough but superheroes can teach us how to be tougher. The star-spangled suit-wearers often undergo periods of social isolation and societal rejection brought about by how different they are. While the times are different now and some of us have to undergo more painful experiences of social isolation and mandated quarantine, it is helpful to note that the more we can tolerate, the easier it will be.

Have a Strong Moral and Ethical Code

Superheroes such as Batman, Superman and Captain America demonstrate a strong moral and ethical code. In times of struggle and sacrifice, we all need to maintain this strong code for our own wellbeing and for that of others. Ethically, we know we need to maintain a social distance, morally we know we shouldn’t come to work if we feel sick. The vitality of ethics and morality at a time like this is essential and so let’s emulate the caped crusaders on this one.

Keep Others Happy and Strong; Support Them

Many superhumans make it their priority to keep others safe, happy and strong. They also support their fellow superhumans and human beings. If someone is finding things rough, try your best to support and comfort them; be there for them and empathise with their situations. We’re all going through a tough spot during COVID-19 and we all need to show compassion and care to one another.

Wear Bright Colours and Strike a Pose!

This is a trivial one but as studies have statistically shown, wearing bright colours and striking superhero poses both give a positive boost to our self-esteem and our mindsets. If you are feeling down in the dumps during the pandemic, try brightening up your day with a confident posture and a coloured shirt. It really can help! So as it turns out, superhero traits can help us throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Try them today and stay safe.