5 Things Superheroes can teach us about Living our Lives

It’s no hidden fact that I love a good superhero. Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Thor, (just to name a few) have always been fixtures of my life (both through childhood and adulthood). What have I learnt then, from loving these fictional role models? I’m glad you asked. Here’s five of the many things superheroes can teach us about living our lives.

1 Don’t Take Anything or Anyone for Granted

A key aspect of being a superhero is that of having your loved ones often being targeted by villains. Another, is having your family tragically harmed at their hands. So, the first lesson we can learn from superheroes is that of not taking anyone for granted. Further from that, we can’t take anything for granted either; such as our notions of normality, of fitting in and of security in our selves. All this can very easily slip away and so, we need to ensure we respect and take care of everything we have for it may not always be there.

2 Enjoy the Good Moments but Actively Learn from the Bad Ones

There are a lot of good and a lot of bad moments in being a superhuman being. What we can learn from this aspect of superheroism is to enjoy the good moments but also actively learn from the bad ones. For example, in Spiderman’s case, he actively learnt to be more careful with his powers after being partly responsible for his uncle’s death. So, we should enjoy the good and learn from the bad.

3 Be as Honest as you Can

Lying is necessary for superheroes to the extent that they need to hide their identity. However, if Wonder Woman and her lasso of truth has taught me anything, it is to be as honest as you possibly can. Lying complicates and damages trust; something that Barry Allen AKA the Flash learnt when lying to his love interest and best friend, Iris West; almost losing her companionship for good due to it. Honesty seems always to be the best policy and so, we should all strive to be as open and transparent as we can.

4 See the Humanity and the Good in Everyone

Not every superhero does this (we’re all looking at you, Batman) but seeing the humanity and the good in everyone is a common superhero trait that we can all benefit from emulating. This does not mean being naive, gullible or weak; this simply means showing care, compassion and kindness toward all people as well as being more sympathetic to the struggles of our enemies. It takes a lot of strength to see the humanity and good in everyone however, it is an admirable quality to have.

5 Accept your Weaknesses

This is perhaps the toughest of all the lessons to be taught by our superheroes. We all have a metaphorical ‘kryptonite’ but it’s how we handle and accept this weakness of ours that defines who we are. We can either ignore it and thereby live in denial; letting it conquer us, or alternately, we can accept the weakness as apart of our identity.

There are many more things superheroes can teach us but for now, let’s focus of these five. Have a think about it and perhaps try to apply them to your life; though fictional, these beings in capes and leotards really do have some thought-provoking lessons we can learn from.

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