Thor-ough Disappointments in Thor: Ragnarok

A bit of a movie reviewer and less philosopher of late, I eagerly anticipated the latest instalment of the Thor saga. With the thespian drama and filial conflicts, witty conversations and well-thought-out plot-lines of the previous films, I was expecting a riveting screenplay of Shakespearean standards …Instead, I was greeted with an 80s retro, Guardians of the Galaxy spin-off that just happened to feature two of my favourite Asgardians …and drag them through almost two and a half hours worth of nonsensical nothing.


To Hel-a With it! The Waste of a Great Villain

Perhaps the best addition to the Thor: Ragnarok cast was Cate Blanchet’s, Hela. The formidable Goddess of Death held so much promise; effortlessly crushing Thor’s hammer, cracking snark comments and dressing to*ahem* kill. However, a lack of exploration of her origin, character, motivations and storyline (aside from a few flimsy flashbacks) made an absolute waste of what could have been a brilliant villainess central to the plot. Sacking all dramatic or serious tones, the film instead centred on primarily avoiding the character; using her as a secondary plot device to complement the continual over-done comedies.

Low-key Miss Loki and Thor’s Shakespearean Undertones

Another thor-ough disappointment of the film was the lack of Shakespearean undertones in both Thor and Loki’s mannerisms and speaking. In the previous films, words like ‘sustenance’ were used so often, one felt immersed in the godly nature and Asgardian prestige of the characters…instead, Thor: Ragnarok presented a colloquialised, plain-English speaking Thor and Loki that indeed upset me.

Horrendous Humour

The final thing on which I shall comment today: the horrendously cheesy humour spread throughout Thor: Ragnarok. The film suffered from poor attempts at jokes and treated itself like a Guardians of the Galaxy wannabe. Don’t even get me started on the Kiwi rock man.

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