✍ AppleBelle Bi-Monthly Blog Bulletin #2

AppleBelle was my childhood nickname that I still carry with me.

Love, knowledge, wisdom, temptation, joy, death, nature, rebirth, luxury: the apple is a symbol of life and all its’ mysteries. A call to awakening, a realisation: a bell heralds messages and pronounces. These meanings combined, AppleBelle is a symbol of an awakening and realisation of life itself.

Wondrous Philosophies in Wonder Woman

I recently published a few philosophical posts on DC’s latest filmic instalment of a superhero movie…Wonder Woman! It’s a smash hit at the box office but more importantly than its’ success and entertainment value, it can teach us a whole heap about symbolism, women and equality among other philosophies. I intend to draw these out in the next few weeks through another two blog posts.

Missed the last three? Lasso the truth below:

Who Needs Men Anyway? Themyscira: The Women’s World

Wondrous Philosophy

Philosophical Wonder Woman Writings

Minute Momentary Mind Insights!

I’ve just published the fifth edition of my Minute Momentary Mind Insights! philosophy blog thread. They’re great short snippets of philosophies derived from pop culture, media and novels!

Catch up below:

Minute Momentary Mind Insights! #5 Philosophies of 1984

The *Fourth* Edition Minute Momentary Mind Insights!

Minute Momentary Mind Insights!

The Second Instalment of…Minute Momentary Mind Insights!

Minute Momentary Mind Insights!

A Guest is Coming…

Yes, you read correctly.

A dear friend and fellow philosopher of mine will be guest blogging soon! Keep an eye out for any odd material for an insightful glimpse into another philosophical mind. Any suggestions for philosophy or pop culture material are welcome!

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