Who Needs Men Anyway? Themyscira: The Women’s World

Symbolic of female’s empowerment…and consequently man’s invalidity, the Amazons manage just fine without men.

Themyscira…sounds feminine, right? A self-sufficient society on a paradise island, the all women race of Amazons in ‘Wonder Woman’ survive and flourish without men. As one interested in Greek-mythology -where Princess Diana derives from (named after the Roman/Greek moon goddess)- the island also sounds strangely reminiscent of Circe’s unfindable island, Aeaea…and the Amazons were actually a thing too in Greek mythos. But apart from being fictional…and partially based upon ancient Greek reality, the Amazons share some insight into feminist philosophical notions…

Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) & Steve Trevor

Symbolic of female’s empowerment…and consequently man’s invalidity, the Amazons manage just fine without men. The hardened warriors, however, are much more alike men than it seems at first glance. First of all, the Amazons though with motherly aspects, are women of war and supposedly serve as protectors of the human race. In order to protect men, however, one needs to match their strength… or best it. In the film portrayal itself, elite female athletes and olympians were even cast as the Amazonian combatants. According to DC comics’ resources, the Amazons were gifted with superhuman strength, durability, stamina, agility, immortality (except in battle), swordsmanship, equestrianism, hand-to-hand combat and archery by the gods…all traits common to (and surpassing) their superhuman male counterparts such as Superman and Batman. So why would and should men matter then?


Further, the Amazons aren’t ignorant regarding reproduction or how men work. According to Diana in the film, she’d read all “9 of the treatises on physical pleasure and biological reproduction”. But even she didn’t have a father and nor did the Amazons.


Much like the Christian tale of Adam’s formation, Diana was formed with clay and breathed life into by the twelve Olympian Gods. The Amazons were also simply a ‘thought’ of the Gods (like Athena…the brain-splitting headache who sprung from Zeus’ head in full-suited armour) and came into being without anything biological occurrence.

So if you don’t need (or desire) men for children, survival, getting food, drink, protection, combat skills or just generally anything, why do they exist then and why does Diana like one? The answer as it typically and romantically is: love.

But what are the implications present here that we can relay to our reality? I’ll leave you with that thought to be discussed in my next post!

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