Wondrous Philosophy

So without delay, I bring you some philosophical, ‘deep Diana detections’ from the latest box-office (and villain) smashing, ‘Wonder Woman’.

Symbolism of the Iconic Outfit

Wonder Woman’s iconic war garments: shield, tiara, gauntlets, boots and red, blue and gold colours hold significant symbolism.


I only learnt this a while ago, when reading (up far too late again as usual) a Wonder Woman origin comic. It turns out, the silver gauntlets used to deflect bullets, aren’t just there to save and protect her wrists. In actual fact, the gauntlets symbolise the imprisonment and slavery of the Amazons (Wonder Woman’s warrior race) at the hands of cruel men led by Hercules. They were actually wrist chains! Supposedly, Wonder Woman wears them, as do the rest of the Themiscarian women, to remind them of the horrors of men and the evil darkness within them.

As for the tiara, as revealed in the film, it belonged to Antiope, Diana’s teacher and friend whom was the lead fighter of the Amazons and her original combatant/competitor in the comics where she went undercover to win a competition: with the prize of saving the world of man with Steve Trevor.

The Patriotic uniform colours (red, blue and gold) were also originally created in order to appeal to the Americans when Diana visited the US as an ambassador of peace. In the context of WW1, the colours in the movie further serve to illustrate patriotism and pride for the USA.

Finally, that golden Lasso of Truth actually belonged to the Greek Goddess of the home, hearth and heart, ‘Hestia’. Further the colour yellow, symbolises happiness and honesty!

Keep a look out! More ‘Wondrous Writings’ to arrive soon!