The *Fourth* Edition Minute Momentary Mind Insights!

Or should I say may the *Force* edition of minute momentary mind insights be with you? Today, I bring forth my force-inspired fourth instalment of my short, sweet philosophy blog spot. A green, goblin-like Jedi Master, Yoda has more than enough wisdom to impart upon us and so, without further ado, here I give you this Star Wars special statement:


The concept that fear is progressive; triggering an onset string of pain and negative emotions holds relevant philosophical meaning concerning real life. Fear- and what it can drive us to do out of scared feelings for one’s safety or security- leads us to rage and anger at the people who instil fear into us. Further, that anger forms to hatred and vengeance by a distorted view of the world. From all this, suffering amounts with no positive outcomes.

I hope you enjoyed today’s minute momentary mind insight! More to come soon!

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