Minute Momentary Mind Insights!

My last two posts entitled minute momentary mind insights, have explored edible bite-size philosophies within popular excerpts of pop culture. Minute Momentary Mind Insights! explored the philosophies of pain as offered by Barry Allen ‘The Flash’ from the CW’s hit comic crazed show, The Flash. Just the other day, I provided The Second Instalment of…Minute Momentary Mind Insights! wherein Heath Ledger’s Joker gave a glimpse into madness and its’ inert nature within all humanity.

Today, I return to the Flash for more philosophical food. This time, our quote is from the mouth of the cold-hearted villain that predominated Season One…


Captain Cold’s alter ego, Leonard Snart should instead be Leonard Smart. His idea of the unpredictability of life as exemplified by this quote regarding plans, demonstrates that life cannot be planned nor perfectly prepared for. We make plans, have aspirations, ideas and hopes but ultimately, though we make and execute plans, they go off the rails and need to be disregarded due to their irrelevance. Further, a philosophy that can be taken from this is also that we have a tendency to want things to go to plan or go our way and that expecting this to happen is an act of stupidity and futility…as the very nature of life or (crime-causing/fighting activity) is unpredictable and uncontrollable.

I hope you enjoyed today’s minute momentary mind insight! Stay tuned for more soon!

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Minute Momentary Mind Insights!