✍What’s In A Name? Today, a Trumpet Sounds🎺

Today, a trumpet sounds to the world: because today marks the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. No matter what stance you have on him, it’s certainly a day marking historic change for the Land of Liberty and perhaps, the world. So, in celebration of some change in our world, I thought it would be appropriate for me to share my interest in names and signs. Why? Because the meaning behind President Trump’s name is actually very intriguing…

So…what’s in a name?

Names aren’t always symbolic nor do they always have a meaning that relates directly to their possessor. My friend’s name for example,’Georgia’ means ‘farmer’; that in no way describes her. But sometimes- such as in Donald Trump’s case- a person’s name can hold much more information and symbolism about them.

The name ‘Donald’ originates from the Gaelic ‘Domhnall’ which shockingly translates to ‘ruler of the world’, ‘great chief’, ‘world mighty’ and ‘world-wielder’. Now the leader of the powerful USA: the largest economy in the world, President Donald certainly lives up to his name.

Known as outspoken for speaking his truth, Trump is also curiously much like an actual ‘trumpet’; blaring out messages (sometimes off-sounding; just as the musical instrument) and heralding change.

It is very interesting to note that Trump’s personality is so well described by his surname and that his positions as US President/business tycoon are so well encapsulated by his first.

It’s certainly either the greatest of coincidences or perhaps a great sign…

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  1. Vee says:

    Wow! I didn’t realise ….”world ruler” that’s errie, to say the least.


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