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The Speed Force & Links to Time Travel

The Speed Force connects within everything and everyone, and directs Barry as an extra-dimensional cosmic energy. 

Though it’s a concept more-so explored in Season 2 of The Flash, the Speed Force and its’ links to time travel proves an interesting philosophy in Season 1 of the series. 

In the Flash, as a ‘speedster’, Barry Allen is connected to a god-like, supernatural power known as the ‘Speed Force’. Very much similar to the ‘Force’ of Star Wars, the Speed Force connects within everything and everyone, and directs Barry as an extra-dimensional cosmic energy that helps him to enhance all of his superhuman abilities. The Speed Force exists outside of reality and  lines the boundaries of the TV show’s ‘multiverse’, serving as an afterlife for speedsters and making up the fabric of time. Additionally, this speed force also has positive and negative uses, with the Flash’s nemesis, the Reverse Flash, harnessing the negative power of the Speed Force through a special device. In a way, these concepts of an unseen, omniscient force derive from early Irish-Christian and Japanese religious beliefs and philosophies.

The early Irish believed in a concept of God being an ‘all-encompassing energy’ comprising both a good and a bad side; the Japanese called this Ying-Yang- the energy that makes up their spiritual cosmology. The concept ‘that by being ‘at one with’ the Speed Force, you can gain higher capabilities within yourself’, also links with the philosophy of the ‘interconnectedness and shared energy of all life forms’, as taught in practices of Yoga as well as similar Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. Alike with the concept of the Flash’s speed force, in these Yogi beliefs, by being ‘in tune with’ this interconnecting energy, you can unlock higher wisdom and achieve enlightenment in your life.

Moreover, the Speed Force, closely relates to the philosophy that the creator being, God is ‘an energy living in all of creation, and that creation makes up/lives in all of God’. Derived from the Greek, ‘all of everything’, this religious view is known as Pantheism. This notion that ‘all is God’ and ‘God is all’, also closely relates to Monism; the concept that ‘all is one’.
To quote Wikipedia, ‘some have suggested that it logically implies determinism (All-is-Now). Albert Einstein explained theological determinism by stating,”the past, present, and future are an ‘illusion’. This also aligns with the concept in the Flash, that by running in the Speed Force, you can travel through time (as time is ‘all accessible’ because it is all happening at once; simply being experienced by a person at different stages). This relates to my own personal thoughts on time also, with my philosophy that the past, present and future are all essentially the same and that only ‘now’; the present really exists. This is because the present you are living, becomes the past and that the future you are yet to experience, becomes the present you are living, (depending on which direction of time you are travelling in, typically for us, forward/linear time). The past is simply present-time or ‘now’ that we have already/previously experienced and the future is simply present-time or ‘now’ that we are yet to experience. We experience everything in the present and the ‘present’ that we have already experienced or are yet to experience, is basically labelled as ‘experienced’ now (past) or ‘not yet experienced’ now (future).

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